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Get into the groove and use body language like the queen of pop!

Job interviews aren’t known for being calming, enjoyable or fun. In fact, for most people they are a source of great anxiety. Thoroughly prepared and meticulously rehearsed, the best of us suffer from a bout of butterflies now and again.

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Switch off, it’s Christmas!

In a recent blog we discussed the positive impact of a healthy work-life balance, never more important than at this time of year. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, chances are you will get the opportunity for some well-deserved ‘downtime’

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How to write an academic CV

Having a decent CV is a really important aspect of the job application process for any jobseeker. However, different jobs often require a different approach from your CV. It’s standard recruiter advice for jobseekers to have several ‘versions’ of a

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Tips for successful gift giving at work

Giving someone a Christmas present is traditionally intended as a gesture from the heart. Done properly, giving and receiving gifts can be the perfect way to develop important connections between people. Whilst it might be easy to think of appropriate

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Ho-Ho-How to survive the office Christmas party

At this time of year, most people are thinking more about their Christmas preparations and less about their career development. Like many other major life changes people don’t tend to think about resolutions until the festive season is over. However,

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How to dress for an interview

In times gone by, what to wear to a job interview was an easy decision; men wore suits and women wore sensible, formal dresses as their standard daily outfits. Today, society is more casual which means dress codes are often

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How to survive an interview presentation

You’ve polished your CV until it shines, written a stellar cover letter, spent hours revising for the dreaded psychometric test… but the fun isn’t even over yet! If all that preparation wasn’t enough many employers also demand a presentation as

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What are psychometric tests?

As the jobs market becomes increasingly competitive, employers are devising new means of filtering applicants during the recruitment process. Psychometric tests are a popular way of truly putting applicants through their paces. Psychometric tests are an objective and standardised form

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