Tester temp in North Wales becomes perfect full-time role for Pavani

Tester temp position leads to perfect role for Pavani

Some people rule out being a temp in North Wales because of a perceived lack of security. But are you missing a big opportunity to land your ideal job?

Like so many, Pavani Mamidi wanted the security of full-time, permanent work. But being an experienced Software Tester meant there were few, if any, vacancies about.

So she took on a temporary role.Pavani

She impressed so much that four months later, the firm made her a permanent, full-time employee.

Pavani started as a temp in North Wales for a Bangor-based IT company in November 2012. She and her husband had recently moved to the area after her husband got a job in St Asaph.

Pavani needed work so the couple could buy a home and properly settle in North Wales. With few suitable roles available, she took on a temporary role with the aim of impressing her employers into taking her on full-time.

David Brian, from Supertemps’ Specialist Recruitment Division, said: “One of our clients had a suitable position that could only be temporary initially as they weren’t sure if they needed someone permanently doing the job.

“Although Pavani wanted permanent work, we explained that if she did a really good job then they’d most likely take her on.

“Also we rarely get these roles in this area, so it was important that she grabbed the opportunity whilst it was available.”

Pavani attended an interview and was awarded a temporary contract. During that time she was allowed to work from home some of the time, to save a long commute.

The client made Pavani a permanent, full-time employee in February. Now she and her husband can fulfil their dream and buy a home in North Wales.

Pavani’s advice to candidates is this: be truthful, answer to the point and show examples of your work, and take complete ownership of whatever role you take on.

And like Pavani, don’t assume that being a temp in North Wales means you will always be a temp in North Wales!

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