So you’ve graduated, what next?

Thoughts of life after Uni may have you confused!!

Thoughts of life after Uni may have you confused!!

Most university students are buried under a pile of research and revision right now but, for many, thoughts will be turning to the end of the academic year and, quite possibly, the end of life as a student.

 Many will have firm plans for the future but others (the majority, in our experience) may be wondering ‘what’s next?’

First things first, don’t panic! Whilst it’s important to have plans in place, don’t rush into the next stage of career without thinking it through first. Secondly, it may feel like it but you are not alone; there are plenty of organisations who can help you at this critical time.

In today’s blog, we’ve put together some suggestions designed to help you decide ‘what’s next?’ We’d love to know your thoughts on life after Uni or even what you’ve got planned – post your comments below.

Get work experience

Earning a degree is fantastic, but if you want to climb the career ladder, work experience is a must-do. Look for opportunities to take on internships or short-term placements; plenty of employers are looking for enthusiastic and talented graduates who are eager to develop. Be open to learning a lot and working hard; if you get yourself noticed for all the right reasons, you could find yourself being offered a full-time role. Although work experience might not result in your ideal job, it’ll certainly give you essential business experience at a graduate level.

Volunteering always looks good

 Organise some volunteer work with a local charity or not-for-profit initiative. This gains you vital work experience and skills for your CV. Employers tend to look favourably on recent graduates who have had the foresight to use their initiative and do something worthwhile with their time too. And, who knows? You might make some good contacts who will recommend you when paid roles crop up in the future.

National Volunteers Week runs from the 1-7 June 2015. To find out more about volunteering click here.

Want to know more about the benefits of volunteering? Read our blog.

Travel for your career, not for a holiday

 If you’ve got your heart set on seeking adventure after graduation, make sure your travels will help you to secure a job on your return. Don’t ever think of your trip as a ‘holiday’; yes, enjoy yourself, but view the time away as an opportunity to further develop skills, including organisation, resourcefulness and independence. Travelling will also give you time to think about what professional path you want to take next. So when you arrive home, you’ll be more motivated than ever to kickstart your career.

Go it alone – but only after some serious thought

 If you dream of being self-employed and have a business idea to develop, doing this after graduation is a good idea. You’re in a more flexible phase of your life and hitting the ground running means you’ll immediately be honing your employment skills. Give this option a lot of thought before you commit to it; being your own boss can be isolating, so it’s worth getting some work experience first before taking the plunge. That way, you’ll also build up a list of contacts – something you’ll need if your business is going to succeed.

 If you’ve recently graduated and are wondering what to do next, get in touch with Supertemps Specialist for expert job advice and achieve your ambitions today!

Written by Katy Ratican




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