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Meet the Team – introducing Vicki Armstrong-Smith

Meet Vicki Armstrong-Smith – a pink-wearing, chocolate-loving, shopaholic with musical tastes as diverse as a jukebox! Not your typical recruitment consultant, I hear you say, but you’d be surprised. Vicki has led a career almost as varied as her passions

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How to write a personal statement for your CV

Writing a CV is an intimidating and time-consuming process for most people. Just take a look at some of the most common questions we’re asked about CV writing: What layout do I use? Should it be skills based or experienced

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How to write a cover letter

Surveys have found that, on average, employers spend approximately half a minute scanning a job application. All the hours of hard work and research you put into your job application are wasted if you can’t catch the attention of your

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Steven safely wins our vote for Temp of the Month

We’re proud to announce Colwyn Bay’s Temp of the Month as Steven Fox – in our opinion a genuine super star candidate! Steven’s interest in health and safety led him to undertake the necessary qualifications so he could pursue a

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Stand out from the herd: the interview questions you MUST prepare for

Preparing for an interview fills even the most experienced job seeker with questions. What shall I wear? How should I act? What will they ask me?  Well, the first two are worthy topics for other blogs but we thought we’d

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Steve’s Ten Top Tips For Job Searching In 2014

Whether you’re new to the world of jobsearching or a seasoned-pro the New Year offers a great opportunity to review your CV and ask yourself a few honest questions about your career hopes. At Supertemps we love working with our

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Why there’s never been a better time to be an agency worker…

Agency workers have been looked down on historically. Often “temps” were viewed as stop-gaps, popping up in the workplace out of the blue and offering some vague admin help before disappearing again. That thinking has virtually vanished. Reflecting the change

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How to manage your bills as an agency worker…

What do you do when you’re working through a recruitment agency and you are between assignments? How can you budget for periods of being in and out of work? There is no one easy answer. The truth is, however, many

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