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What is candidate experience?

While it can often feel that the ball is in the court of the recruiter, candidates hold a lot of power when applying for jobs. ‘Candidate experience’ is a term applied to the experience which potential employees have when applying

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UK’s top jobs revealed

Have you ever wondered what the best job in the UK is? Looking for work but confused where to set your sights? Perhaps it’s just melancholy British sentiment, but we can all attest to knowing someone who earns more, who

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How to write a cover letter

Surveys have found that, on average, employers spend approximately half a minute scanning a job application. All the hours of hard work and research you put into your job application are wasted if you can’t catch the attention of your

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Survey finds ageism still a barrier to employment

In this enlightened age of equality and fairness we like to think as we get older we’ll be afforded equal treatment when it comes to finding work. Not so, according to a recent survey conducted by TotalJobs. The survey found

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The UK’s Fastest Growing Jobs For 2014

We begin the New Year with the encouraging news that the UK is predicted to be the West’s fastest growing economy at the start of 2014. Analysis conducted by the UK Business Confidence Monitor, based on growth figures from 2013,

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CV survey to improve North Wales recruitment

Take part in our CV survey and improve North Wales recruitment practice As a major North Wales recruitment agency, Supertemps is keen to ensure the CVs we supply give our client employers the critical information they need, in the format

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