The UK’s dream job revealed – pens at the ready!

Do you dream of penning the next best-seller?

Do you dream of penning the next best-seller?

In May 1946, renowned author George Orwell gave a damning review of his chosen career: “Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.”

Ivory Towers

It may come as a surprise to learn that, in a recent survey of 15,000 people by YouGov to establish the UK’s ‘Dream Jobs’, a staggering 60 percent of Britons aspired to be authors!

British bookish tendencies do not stop there, however.

A further 54 percent of Britons want to be librarians and 51 percent dream of becoming full-time academics.

Clearly, fears that Britain is suffering a diminishing culture are somewhat misplaced.

According to the survey, the British workforce is losing interest in careers that have, traditionally, been highly-valued and respected – law and medicine, for example (although both still feature in the Top Ten).

Mining’s the pits

The job least-desired by survey respondents was that of miner.  Just 5 percent listed the role of miner as their most desired job, closely followed by call-centre worker role (7 percent) and traffic warden (10 percent).

The survey revealed female respondents most likely to list careers in interior design or real estate as their dream job, whereas men listed childhood passions such as becoming an astronaut or train driver! The survey also found women 7 percent more likely than men to want to be an author, and 20 percent more likely to be a librarian.

A representative for YouGov said: “The most desired jobs in Britain are not what you might expect; they are not even the most reliably well-paid ones. Instead of actors and musicians, it seems that an aura of prestige still surrounds the quiet, intellectual life enjoyed by authors, librarians and academics.”

Fame not gain?

In support of this view, a recent survey conducted by Digital Book World found that 30 percent of published authors make less than £350 a year from writing!

It seems that, for the British workforce at least, the quest for academic excellence is becoming more highly-valued than roles that promise wealth and status. This poll clearly indicates an appetite for intellectual pursuits and a thirst for a satisfying career that might provide the ‘quiet, intellectual life’ that YouGov suggests we may all secretly crave.

The UK’s Dream Jobs

  1. Author – 60
  2. Librarian – 54
  3. Academic – 51
  4. Lawyer – 43
  5. Interior Designer – 41
  6. Journalist – 39
  7. Doctor – 39
  8. TV Presenter – 36
  9. Train Driver – 35
  10. Teacher – 35
  11. Accountant – 34
  12. Olympic Athlete – 31
  13. Member of Parliament – 31
  14. Hollywood Movie Star – 31
  15. Formula One Driver – 29
  16. Chef – 29
  17. Farmer – 29
  18. Police Officer – 29
  19. Astronaut – 27
  20. Firefighter – 26
  21. Investment Banker – 26
  22. Flight Attendant – 25
  23. Estate Agent – 23
  24. Model – 19
  25. Refuse Collector – 16
  26. Taxi Driver – 13
  27. Cleaner – 13
  28. Soldier – 13
  29. Traffic Warden – 10
  30. Call Centre Worker – 7
  31. Miner – 5



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